Neu Productions John Roderick answered the call over 6 years ago to work with one of musics most influential social activists and humanitarians, Michael Franti & Spearhead. John’s cinematography and editing paralleled Michael’s vision to create a documentary film titled “Stay Human” and countless music videos that highlight ordinary people, doing extraordinary things to change the world. Franti believes in using music as a vehicle for positive change and is revered for his energetic live shows, inspiring music, worldwide philanthropy efforts and connection to his global fanbase.

Once an outlier in his message of positivity minded political consciousness, Franti has found that message gaining momentum in the mainstream in recent years, a phenomenon that compelled him to push his artistry even further, stating “I feel a deeper sense of purpose in music today than I ever have in my career. My goal is to make the most inspiring music I possibly can for this intense, crazy and wonderful time we’re all living in.”

Taking a more than 4 years to complete, “Stay Human” documentary film is about the turbulent times and the epidemic of hopelessness. In a quest to find a path to STAY HUMAN and hold on to humanity in the craziness of the world we live in today, Michael Franti takes us on an experiential journey through his songs and stories of people who have chosen to overcome cynicism with optimism and hope. 

Michael shares the tales of Robin Lim, a midwife who opened a birthing clinic in the aftermath of a devastating typhoon in the Philippines, Steve & Hope Dezember, a young couple whose love carries them through Steve’s battle with ALS, Arief Rabik, an environmental scientist in Bali who perfected a method to make industrial and household products with bamboo in an effort to curb deforestation, and Sive Mazinyo and Busisiwwe Vazi, who help inspire their community of Port Elizabeth, South Africa, through music and education. Michael reflects on his own personal journey facing adversity as a child, struggling to find his voice as a musician, and how he came to find inspiration through these stories. He hopes to inspire people to become changemakers by utilizing creativity, tenacity, and heart to face our daily challenges as individuals, and together as citizens of our planet to STAY HUMAN.

“The film that every human needs to see right now.” – Woody Harrelson Stay Human was recognition at the following film festivals: Asbury Park Music and Film “RWJ Barnabas Health Award”, Nashville Film Festival “Audience Award”, Illuminate Film Festival “Audience Award / Voice for Humanity”, Maui Film Festival “Soul in Cinema” Tahoe Film Festival “Inspiration Award”

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