Neu Productions custom 4×4 Mercedes Sprinter is a fully equipped production service van built specifically for our film productions that demand premium grip, lighting, support, power, video village and expendables in the most remote and rugged locations between the mountains of Colorado and coastlines of California. Having a one-stop production house on wheels allow us to craft without limitation and provide on the fly creative solutions that clients have come to expect. 

We also offer day and weekly rental packages for small to medium sized film and photo productions between Denver and Aspen Colorado that are looking for a one stop production service vehicle with trusted crew (gaffer, grip) and 4×4 driver. Connect with us for availability

Gear List | Grip, Lighting, Support, Expendables





  • Taco Cart, C-Stand Cart, Camera Cart, Muscle Cart
  • C-Stands, Combos, Rollers
  • 12′, 8′, 6′ Frames & Rag Sets
  • Gridcloth, Muslin, Lame, Green Screen
  • Nets, Flags, Floppies, Dots, Fingers
  • Reflectors, Bounce, Mirrors
  • Gels, ND
  • 3′, 6′, 10′ Ladders
  • Power 2K, 7K
  • Clamps, Rigging
  • Stingers, Dirt, Apple Box Sets
  • ARRI 1200w Par HMI
  • ARRI Skypanel 60
  • 2x 4×4 Keno Flo
  • Quasar Science Kit
  • ARRI Tungsten Kit (2K, 1K, 650w, 350w, 150w)
  • 2x Litepanel Astra
  • Litepanels Bi-Color LED Brick
  • 30″ Gemball (500w, 1500w)
  • Dana Dolly
  • Doorway Dolly
  • DJI Ronin 2 + Ready Rig
  • Sachtler DV6
  • Shoulder Mount
  • Hi-Hat
  • OneWheel, Skateboard
  • Car Mount
  • Hostess Tray Car Mount
  • Production Radios
  • Directors Field Monitor (7″)
  • Client Monitor (17″)
  • Pop-Up Tents
  • Directors Chairs
  • Tables
  • Coolers
  • PPE Station
  • Heater
  • Tape, Sprays, Rope, Line, Powder, Glue
  • Haze, Snow, Wind Machines
  • First-Aid

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