Neu Productions has had the pleasure of serving as production partner to Boulder, CO based creative agency Fact & Fiction to execute AAA’s latest brand campaign titled “Meet In The Middle”. Director John Roderick along with creative producer Pat Parnell have produced countless unscripted and brand stories surrounding travel and real people. This project brought together Neu Productions strengths with verite filmmaking as two teams in parallel documented a siblings roadtrip from Atlanta-Denver, and from Los Angeles-Denver as the families reconnected in remote cabin in the mountains on Colorado from over a year of quarantine. Both crews captured the unique people, places and sights along the way with emotional interviews and textures that inspire us to live outside of our four-walls.

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After a year of quarantine, many of us haven’t ventured out to reconnect with out friends or families. So when folks finally got vaccinated and restrictions were lifted, AAA was in the perfect position to reunite a family via a road trip. In this longform piece, we follow a brother and sister on a road trip across the country as they set out to meet in the middle and reconnect. 


Director + Director of Photography John Roderick set the look and tone for this story with a strong sense of movement and place as they tracked the families journey across the country. A number of lightweight tools from car mounts to unique camera rigging enabled both camera teams to move quickly on the road while not missing one beat of the story. Neu Productions all-in-one custom 4×4 Sprinter loaded with grip, lighting, support and cameras was the perfect vehicle to track this story, given full creative freedom and options to the team.