Neu (pronounced “Noy”) Productions is a full-service film production company based in both Denver and Los Angeles delivering character driven stories and eye opening imagery through commercials, branded content, and television series. We collaborate extensively with creative agencies, networks, brands and directors to meet todays demand for outstanding content. Our team is cut from makers and creators, cinematographers, directors and editors that all share a unique passion for bringing branded vision to life. 


Our production capabilities scale from commercials, branded content, reality television, music videos and documentary films, providing turn-key production services from concept, script, storyboard, locations, permitting, casting, talent release, insurance, Covid-19 compliance, G&E, specialty camera and support systems and talented crew.  


Our post production capabilities produce award winning adventure television series and branded content campaigns to meet the demands of the many emerging digital distribution platforms. From editorial, sound design and mix, to final color grade, we’re able to collaborate remotely in real-time with clients using industry leading software to deliver on-the-spot creative and revisions necessary to meet client deadlines.


Neu Productions continue to adapt and evolve the production toolkit to offer clients the best creative solutions and latest technology to tell their story. Neu is fully equipped with the latest RED Digital Cinema and Arri Alexa camera systems, FAA certified aerial, and specialized stabilization for vehicles, snowmobiles and ATVs. Because light is one of our most pronounced tools to shape the stories we tell, we own a full equipped 2-ton grip and lighting service 4×4 Mercedes Sprinter van

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