Mountain Goat Grip & Lighting is Neu Productions one-stop 4×4 Sprinter service built specifically for small to medium sized film and photo productions working in remote and rugged locations across Colorado, Utah & Wyoming. From Denver to Aspen, to Moab to Jackson Hole, the custom built 4×4 Sprinter termed “The Mountain Goat” provides a one-stop option with premium grip, lighting, camera support, remote viewing and set expendables that allow crew to craft without limitation and provide on the fly creative solutions that clients have come to expect.


2-ton Sprinter package, c-stand cart, taco cart, muscle cart, senior Magliner. 

HMI, LED, RGB light sources for small to medium size productions.

Dana dolly, car rigging, Ronin 2 + Ready Rig, Cinesaddle, shoulder mount, tripods. 

Power, pop-up tents, directors chairs, tables, coolers, trash cans, umbrellas.

Client and directors monitors, handsfree radios, remote viewing package. 


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