There’s an ever increasing demand for brands to populate the multitude of digital channels with content that not only parallels the values of the brand but stimulate real engagement. In this case study we look at Obermeyer, a 70 year old outdoor and ski apparel company based in Aspen, Colorado who wanted to introduce their first video campaign that raised brand awareness in the outdoor and winter sports space, as well as meet the many vendors multilevel advertising opportunities within cable, OTT, website display banners, paid social and content to rotate on in-store displays. 

When founder Klaus Obermeyer began the company his vision was clear to create apparel that was both technical and functional in the outdoors. Now 100 years old, Klaus is still behind the desk daily to inspire the companies innovation that has given the brand its iconic reputation. This commitment to innovation has to be met with great marketing, so when Obermeyer came to Neu Productions, they began from the ground up to create a visual identity and campaign that spoke to the company’s lineage and its current outdoor audience. 

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Obermeyer Brand Anthem

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“Outlook” ft. Klaus Obermeyer

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Heritage Collection

Creating a story that served as a backbone to the multitude of video assets was first priority so Neu produced a 22min TV episode for outdoor lifestyle network, “Outside Television” titled “Outlook, Icons Revealed”, which profiled Klaus Obermeyer and the history of Obermeyer’s innovation within the ski and outdoor apparel industry. This TV episode shaped the entire brand story which all assets could then tie back to. 

From here, Neu created a series of lookbooks which highlighted the beauty and technicality of the clothing that was then formatted in various running lengths between 15sec, 20sec, 30sec and 90sec, and scaled for the many digital platforms from widescreen to vertical displays. Rounding out the package was a 3 minute brand anthem that could be used to highlight the latest apparel line tied together with the overarching brand story as a tool for marketing presentations, trade shows and special events which honored Klaus’s contribution to the ski industry. 

The campaign proved valuable in ROI and was fully traceable through analytics programs on each distribution channel which lead to a second year of partnership between Neu Productions and Obermeyer.