Outside TV is a sports-oriented cable and satellite television network based on Outside magazine and the critically acclaimed brand. Outside TV is the only programming network dedicated to the active adventure lifestyle in the United States with over 30 million viewers annually. Since 2012, Neu Productions have served as a pivotal production partner with Outside TV to create both original series and branded content for shows such as Outlook – Icons Revealed, Expeditions Series, Dispatches and Branded. 

Neu Productions has produced over 50x pieces of original content that highlight adventure sports, tourism, boutique hotels, food, wine and iconic adventure and action sport athletes. Neu’s original episodes for both “Outlook – Icons Revealed” and “Expedition Series” have earned a number of regional awards and two nationally recognized “Telly” awards for documentary television series and travel/tourism. 

Crafting adventure stories with an endemic edge to both the cinematography and editorial has been the formula both enthusiasts and fans of the channel have come to appreciate. Moving closer to a decade relationship, Neu Productions continues to produce programming for the brand. 

Outlook ft. Jack Burton

Outlook ft. Travis Pastrana

Outlook ft. Jimmy Chin

Outlook ft. Klaus Obermeyer

 Expedition Series Namibia

Expedition Series New Zealand

Expedition Series Chile

Expedition Series Iceland

Outlook ft. Seth Wescott

Outlook ft. Scot Schmidt

Outlook ft. Kai Lenny

Outlook ft. Donavon Frankenreiter

Outlook ft. Angel Collinson

Outlook ft. Julian Carr

Outlook ft. Gretchen Bleiler

Outlook ft. Julian Mancuso

Outlook ft. Michael Franti

Dispatches ft. Jerry Lopez

Dispatches ft. Mark Cunningham

Dispatches ft. Michael Franti