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We had such a great time working as production partner to Bark Bark for the latest Ad Council campaign (airing in AMC Networks) highlighting women in STEM and how their expertise is being used by the global hit series The Walking Dead. 

The spot features Gitanjali Roa, a 16-year-old scientist, inventor and activist, interviewing the behind-the-scenes talent of the franchise, including director Aisha Tyler, costume designer Vera Chow and art director Jasmine Garnet. They explain the visuals how STEM is used to bring the post-apocalyptic world of The Walking Dead to life on screen. They talk about how they are using chemical formulas to create the looks for the costumes of the series and discuss the use of. technology in the creating the TV set. 

Agency: Bark Bark
Client: Ad Council
Network: AMC
Production Partner: Neu Productions

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